Our personal development programs are for everyone

Our training for families strives for individual personal growth targeting self improvement. You will see improved communications; improved relationships with your partner, children, work-colleagues; improved time management; improved study techniques and many more. 

Life Coaching

A guide to maximise your potential:

  • Understand how your core needs and values control your actions
  • Learn how to develop new approaches to work and life

AusIDentities clearly demonstrates how our core needs and values have a dramatic effect in every area our lives, whether we are conscious of them or not, and how we can move beyond our previously constraining beliefs into a new paradigm. This is not a one size fits all package, and is tailored to meet your exact personality and desired outcomes.

Relationship Coaching

A guide to getting along:

  • Understand how your core needs and values differ from your closest loved ones
  • Learn first how to understand others, before they can understand you

Aus IDentities clearly demonstrates how your core needs and values differ from others, and how understanding this can be a real revelation in your relationships.

Career Coaching

Career Path Indicator:

  • Take the stress out of managing your promotion or career and take more control of your professional future.

AusIDentities can assist you in your choice of career or career change. Whether you are still at school or you have been in the workforce for years, if you are considering your future and wondering ‘where to now?’ Aus IDentities has something to offer you.

Positive Parenting

Give your children the support they need:

  • Learn to understand your children at a deeper level
  • Increase their level of confidence and self-esteem

Giving them the support that they need early on in life has shown to have great benefits as they grow, such as the ability to make better choices in their everyday lives, and also later on in life with their choice of careers.

Self Awareness and Integrated Life Skills

One-day or Weekend Group Workshop:

  • Learn how personality is formed
  • Develop specific strategies for growth
  • Develop new ways of communicating
  • Brings people closer together

Designed for families and friends, and people who work closely together. This is where we really get into the nuts and bolts of who we are and how we are different from others. It is a transformational experience that will take you to the heart of what makes a person tick, and unravel some of the mysteries that are us.