For Businesses, Business Leaders and Teams

Select from the following list of training programs, or contact us to design your own.  Programs take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days to complete and delivery times are flexible. We can also arrange residential workshops and outdoor recreational and team building activities upon demand.

Communication Masterclass

Half or Full-Day program includes:

  • In-depth understanding of our own C.A.R.D model
  • Get clear about how to get your point across
  • Understand what others are really saying
  • Learn to work with different communication styles

Communication breakdown is one of the single biggest issues facing teams today. This masterclass unpacks communication styles and teaches you how to be more effective in your daily interactions.

When you get communication right, you automatically improve your outcomes, both at work and in life.

“Thank you for the unbelievable insight into our souls and for igniting a spark that will hopefully make us question (and perhaps not just accept) things and events that we may have just allowed to seep into our daily lives. I wish you all the very best in your brilliant approach to this area of people’s lives.”  Tracey Livesey Office & Warehouse Manager – 

Personalities in the Workplace

One-day program:

  • Gain a greater understanding of how each of the types interacts
  • How you can best use their strengths within an organisation
  • Understand the dynamics of the personalities at work
  • Improve team performance

We look at best qualities, core values and communication, as well as strategies for each of the types to develop as professionals within the work place.

“Our session with AusIDentites helped us to understand our  strengths and weaknesses and helped us to focus on how to use these to our benefit. It also gave us insight into how to build and manage a small team through an understanding of temperament types and communication styles.” Natalie Dalton, General Manager- 

Team Building and Leadership Skills

One or Two-Day program:

  • Recognise the impact your interaction style has on those around you
  • Understand how to better motivate individuals
  • How to collaborate with people in a more inclusive and effective way
  • Reduce staff turn-over and work more effectively as a leader

Team dynamics impact greatly on a team’s success and workplace culture. Our professional training programs can support your organisation and workplace to function more effectively.

“I’m happy to recommend to anyone and everyone who sincerely wants to prioritise the productivity of their colleagues.” Lindsey Cox – 

Career and Life Coaching

Single or on-going sessions:

When you are making decisions about your professional future, it makes sense to have someone alongside as dedicated to your success as you are. A coach is about support, and taking as much of the guess work as possible out of the sometimes tough decisions facing you in life and at work. Our coach shares your journey with you and helps you to re-energise and rediscover your focus and motivation.

AusIDentities coaching sessions are delivered either face to face where possible, or via Zoom.

“AusIDentities not only taught me about ‘me’ and how my mind ticks, how I react to people and information I receive, and then how I respond to them.  It also taught me how to integrate these ‘discoverings’ into my business and help me to become a better business person.” Ange Jones, Founder –