Dolphin typeDOLPHIN: Kindness, Peace, Harmony

For Dolphins,  self-awareness and personal development are both important steps towards discovering their place in the world. Because of this they can spend a great deal of time ‘soul-searching’, including searching for their authentic self, trying to unravel the deeper mysteries of life. Dolphin types are highly sensitive and have an innate dislike for unpleasantness of any kind, often going out of their way to avoid situations that might bring them into conflict with others and choosing to avoid potential disputes in favour of keeping the peace. Although in reality what is often left unexpressed for the Dolphins is inner conflict or turmoil. Peace at all costs it seems, may not really be peace at all.

Dolphins thrive in harmonious settings and like to take a sensitive and caring approach to people and situations, unless under stress when they may act out of character and become critical, or even lash out. At such times, guidance or feedback needs to be offered gently, encouraging them to explore their emotions and helping them to refocus their energy into more positive directions.  Getting them to support an ethical cause on crowd-funding websites, or encouraging them to donate some spare money to Greenpeace or other worthwhile organisations are good examples of this. Dolphins are idealists and have a deep desire to make the world a better place.

At school, Dolphin students thrive when they have a teacher who is kind and compassionate, and will often struggle with teachers who are straight to the point or abrupt. In professional life, they will often choose the caring professions where they are able to provide support for others and may be drawn to careers such as counselling or social work. As leaders, they do their best work when they can actively encourage and inspire others, identifying people’s innate strengths and positive qualities and encouraging them to succeed. If attention to the bottom line is the only objective, Dolphins may struggle to find sufficient purpose and meaning in what they do.

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