AusIDentities Membership includes access to our entire online training program which incorporates the very best of our two-day Practitioner Training – Level 1. It highlights the important principals of both ‘Type’ and ‘Temperament’ and contains most of the information found in the entire range of AusIDentities books, not just on teaching, but on topics like parenting and adolescence, along with communication and leadership too. It also has all three levels of questionnaires for identifying type for different age groups and educational videos that highlight personality differences.

As an AusIDentities Member, you also receive great discounts should you engage one of our Trained Facilitators to run a workshop at your school or organisation, or if you choose to order some of the many different resources and books that we have available for purchase through our shop. You simply email your order through using a special code indicating that you are a member school, organisation or individual, and you automatically qualify for our 20% members discount. This even includes attendance at any of our training events run around the country.

Finally, there is the members ‘Help-Desk’, a direct line to the AusIDentities team that offers you ongoing guidance and support and the opportunity to have your questions answered. Membership to the program, which has been created to support those schools and organisations in remote locations who are unable to access physical training, along with people who have attended a training and would like to build upon their knowledge and skills, includes 12-months access. To sign up simply click the image above or ‘Register’ at the very top of the page.

Quote from a teacher: “While academic learning is a necessity, it’s this personality profiling that’s essential in the role I want to play in Education. More importantly though, my relationship with my kids is now demystified.  Knowing that I am raising a Dolphin and Kangaroo will go a long way towards assisting them through their journey in life. Thank you so much!”