AusIDentities ‘Sponsor a School’ Program:

AusIDentities offers proactive, yet simple solutions and pathways to powerful, positive mental and emotional well-being for people from all walks of life. Teachers, parents and students all gain a deeper understanding of who they are as individuals, and how people communicate, learn, relate to others and importantly, an appreciation of our innate differences.

With youth suicide, anxiety, depression and food, drug and alcohol addiction rates  all rising, and with our young people crying out for direction and a healthy sense of  identity: With parents and teachers searching for solutions to build effective communication and support them, there has never been a better time for the introduction of a program like AusIDentities.

“The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon how our children grow up today.  There is no greater insight into the future than recognising when we save our children, we save ourselves.”  Margaret Mead – Author/ Anthropologist

How can you help? By sponsoring the school or community group of your choice.

Sponsors can nominate a school or schools to be the recipients of one of our sponsorship packages that includes training for all school staff, resource package, and 12 months membership to AusIDentities that includes mentoring and email support.

Individual schools and community groups are able to apply for inclusion in the AusIDentities ‘Adopt a School’ Program. We will maintain a list of applicants who have applied for funding and sponsorship will go to the applicant on the top of the list as funds become available. The list will be prioritised according to the date of  submission. Sponsorship for an entire school starts from as low as $500.

Benefits of becoming a sponsor       

  • Opportunity to make a difference
  • Support a great cause
  • Contribute to student engagement
  • Logo Representation on website
  • Recognition in monthly newsletter to over 5,000 people for 12 months
  • A plaque to be displayed at your sponsor school
  • A framed certificate and photo for display at your offices or place of work

Contact us now to find out how to become a sponsor.

Sponsor a School

Note: All school sponsorships are subject to the applicants being approved by our own independent verification process, and applicants need to be aware that any inquiry or application to work or to partner with AusIDentities, is not an indication of the approval or acceptance of your application.