Build you own business promoting AusIDentities in your region, state or country.

Some of the opportunities we have on offer are:

  • License to promote and/or deliver AusIDentities in a designated region.
  • On-seller rights to AusIDentities programs and resources.
  • License to translate AusIDentities into another language.
  • Become an AusIDentities Trainer/Facilitator.

As a License holder, you will be part of a small group of operators nationally promoting the AusIDentities programs, books and resources. You will receive all the support and guidance you need to take AusIDentities to the market place, with at least 8 dedicated streams of income.

The programs and resources we have created are world class and are constantly being added to as part of our own ongoing commitment to create a suite of dynamic, effective, easy to understand tools that can be used by principals, teachers, business managers and teams globally.

AusIDentities resources and manuals are currently printed only  in English, although we remain open to the possibility of translating the program into other languages should the need arise. To express your interest in becoming a partner, please complete the form below.

Become a partner

Note: All opportunities are subject to the applicants being approved by our own independent verification process, and applicants need to be aware that any inquiry or application to work or to partner with AusIDentities, is not an indication of the approval or acceptance of your application.