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AusIDentities Practitioner Training – Level 1

This AusIDentities Practitioner Training Program has been designed for all those teachers, trainers, coaches, tutors and educators who would like to introduce the concepts of the AusIDentities system to their school or classroom. This two-day workshop will to give you the necessary knowledge required to understand the four types, and is the first step towards running your own AusIDentities sessions.

This interactive workshop is aimed at giving participants a working knowledge of the different temperament types, as well as a better understanding of themselves. AusIDentities has been based in part upon the Myers-Briggs model of Type and the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, and offers you a lively, dynamic and sometimes quite humorous view of how Temperament affects us on a daily basis in everything that we do, from different communication styles and the way that we learn, to the different career paths that we end up taking.

Upcoming dates for 2017:

  • 10-11 April      Logan
  • 12-13 April      Brisbane
  • 23-24 May       Bundaberg
  • 26-27 June       Cairns
  • 28-29 June       Rockhampton
  • 29-30 June       Sunshine Coast
  • 3-4 July            Toowoomba
  • 6-7 July            Mackay

If you would like to book a place at one of these events, click HERE. Once you have entered your details you will receive an email with a registration form attached where you can outline your preferred venue, along with any special requirements you might have. Thank you for choosing AusIDentities.

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