DOLPHIN: Kindness, Peace, Harmony

Dolphin type

For Dolphins,  self-awareness is very important, along with personal growth as a path to becoming the best version of themselves possible. They are often in search of  a deeper meaning in their life, including a search for their authentic self, something that often takes place on an internal level. They are also deeply  idealistic and desire to make a better future and a better world for everyone and everything. They like to  explore meanings behind actions and interactions, and can be drawn to careers such as counselling or social work. Just like the element of water flows around obstacles in its path though, so too the Dolphin types tend to ‘flow around’ the areas of their lives that could bring them into conflict with others,  often choosing to avoid arguments and unpleasantness in favour of keeping the peace. Although in reality what is often left unexpressed for the Dolphins is inner conflict or turmoil. Peace at all costs it seems is not really peace at all.

Dolphins thrive on harmony and will usually take a sensitive and caring approach to people and situations, unless under stress when they will sometimes act out of character, just like all of the other types. Guidance and/or feedback needs to be offered gently, encouraging them to explore their emotions and help them to channel their energy and focus into worthwhile projects that can help them to feel part of a ‘global solution’ to the problems of the world. Encouraging a child of this type to spend some of their pocket money on donating to Greenpeace, or getting behind a good and ethical idea on crowd-funding websites are good examples of this.

At school, the Dolphin students thrive when they have a teacher who is kind and compassionate, and often struggle with people who are straight to the point or abrupt. In professional life, they are often drawn to the caring professions where they are able to provide support for others. As leaders, they will do their best work when they can actively encourage and inspire others, pointing out people’s strengths and better qualities, giving them trust and inspiring them to succeed. If dollars and attention to the bottom line are the only objectives, they may struggle.

To find out more about what it means to be a Dolphin, download one of our 14 page professional reports. Available in 3 levels to suit all age groups.