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AusIDentities, simply put, is a uniquely Australian way of identifying differences between people, in the way we learn, the way we communicate and the way we approach life in general. First introduced in around 2005, AusIDentities in now used in hundreds of schools and dozens of organisations across Australia, and is quickly becoming something of a house-hold name across country due its broad appeal to people of all ages.

While at first glance AusIDentities might look like just a bit of fun, especially with the bright and colourful images of the Australian Animals that we use to highlight personality differences between people. However, it is also a system that combines the best of Dr.Carl Jung (the 8 Jungian functions) and the Myers-Briggs Model (the 16 types), but without the complex theories that usually accompanies these systems, but often does little to help people.

This means there is a level of sophistication to AusIDentities and the information that we share that sometimes takes people by surprise, which of course is part of the intention. We have found that when we are working with our clients, of all ages, that when we help them to have fun while they learn, the outcomes are significantly better. Whether we are teaching a manager how to improve their communication skills, or a high school student how to make a more valid career choice, the aim is to make learning fun.

As such, at AusIDentities we have created a series of interactive programs to suit the needs of everyone, from the classroom to the boardroom, to help maximise their potential and the potential of the people around them. Programs such as ‘Communication Skills’ have been designed to help to teachers get their message across more effectively, and also to help the manger to communicate and interact with their staff in a more inclusive way.

We also run Leadership Training for anyone who is part of a team, group, class or business, to help them maximise the potential of the people they are responsible for. Principals of schools also benefit from our approach, as being part of a non-commercial environment, their access to ‘Business Training’, which is not just for business by the way, can sometimes be limited. A similar type of approach is used no matter what the context.

We also run Facilitator training for those professionals who would like to use the program in their work as a consultant, counsellor, careers advisor, or even just an interested 3rd party. Initially run over 2 consecutive days, the program is jam-packed full of useful and relevant information. There are also more advanced training programs for people who would like to extend their knowledge of personality types even further, possibly even with a view to working with us as an associate of AusIDentities.

As a business, AusIDentities is committed to providing high quality training that is relevant, fun and interesting to each of the markets that we work in. It is just as important for a school or not-for-profit organisation, as it is for a commercial business to have their staff and/or pupils and clients happy and relaxed at work, knowing that the organisation and the managers or supervisors understand each of the 4-types has a different set of needs, and the days of a ‘one size fits all’ approach are drawing to a close.

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