Introduce AusIDentities to your school or workplace

AusIDentities provides the ideal framework to enable people to effectively cater for people’s individual needs, both in the workplace and in the classroom. One of the few models to explain why people approach work and learning differently, it relates behaviour to an individuals core needs and values. From this increased knowledge you are able to develop a greater capacity to work more effectively with your staff or students.

Those attending this training will leave with new strategies to apply in their own school or place of work, by build your interpersonal skills, people skills and communication skills. Great for managers, principals, teachers, coaches, guidance officers, youth workers, chaplains and counsellors, and for anyone working in HR.

Dates for 2019: To Register your interest simply click below.

Hobart, Tasmania – One-day workshop – Monday April 8th 2019

Albany, WA – One and two-day workshops – May 2019

Perth, WA – One and two-day workshops – May 2019

Broome, WA – One and two-day workshops – June 2019