Kangaroo typeKANGAROO: Action, Variety, Fun

Kangaroos are usually playful, friendly and active, and thrive on movement and variety. They do have a tendency to ‘Leap before they look’ which sometimes get them into trouble, both at school and at work, but can also make them fun to be around. They frequently become bored or disinterested in school, and their dislike of too many rules or regulations and sitting still for long periods only makes matters worse. However, they can also be very creative and focused when given the necessary flexibility and freedom to express themselves.

When working on a  project Kangaroos prefer others not to interfere, and if possible, they prefer to be  physically involved in what they doing (making, building etc). They show their excitement rather than keeping it to themselves, and the more extroverted one’s in particular enjoy an audience. They benefit from being given greater freedom, both physical and emotional, with room for negotiation and individual expression, otherwise there can be a  tendency for them to become unruly.

At school, the Kangaroo is the one most likely to be berated or punished for their inappropriate behaviour, willing to do almost anything to relieve the boredom of a repetitive or confining environment. They work hard for teachers they respect, but struggle with those who continuously enforce rules they don’t understand. As adults, these people often prefer occupations which include creativity, diversity, competition and challenge. They are also drawn to roles requiring adaptability, innovation and dealing with crisis situations. Reluctant leaders, they prefer to let everyone do their own thing, but when forced into leadership they are usually very tolerant of individual differences and accept others at face value.

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