Who's Who in the Zoo?

An introduction to the four Animal Personalities and how they behave.

Dolphin e1693448829499


  • Need approval & harmony to thrive

  • Enthusiastic about new ideas & change

  • Sensitive to criticism or rejection 

  • Highly supportive of others

  • Like stories that touch their feelings

  • Dislike all forms of conflict 

  • May have a tendency to daydream

  • Can be creative & highly imaginative

  • Sometimes vague about details & facts

  • May find it difficult to say no

  • Want to make the world a better place

  • Prefer cooperation over competition

Eagle e1693448784792


  • Tent to be authority independent 

  • Respect people for their abilities

  • Usually have very high standards

  • Enjoy analysis and complexity

  • Can be argumentative

  • Often impatient with details 

  • Independent in their learning 

  • Showing feelings may be difficult

  • Assertive & naturally competitive  

  • Natural problem solvers

  • May try to hide any insecurities

  • Dislike repetition of any kind

Roo e1693448862240


  • May treat teachers as equals 

  • Grounded and very practical

  • Dislike too many rules & regulations

  • Enjoy being flexible and spontaneous 

  • Easily distracted or bored 

  • Prefer active involvement in projects

  • Can become very restless in class

  • Sometimes ‘leap’ before they look

  • May be impatient with complexity

  • Tendency to focus on here & now

  • Fun loving & enjoy the use of humor

  • Prefer variety over routine 

Wombat e1693448958336


  • Usually very dependable & sensible 

  • Good with facts & details 

  • Like to know what the rules are

  • May become unsettles by change

  • Enjoy praise for what they produce

  • Dislike vague or abstract statements 

  • Good at following instructions

  • Naturally very organised

  • Expect the teacher to be in charge

  • Like people to be clear and consistent

  • Enjoy establishing a regular routine

  • Prefer a step by step approach