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Individual Membership

Explore the influence of personality in areas such as: teaching, learning & communication. Designed to boost educator awareness through key foundational insights.

$99 p.a.

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Small Schools (Up to Band 6)

Ideal for educators in all settings, this course provides key insights into the role that personality plays in  both teaching & learning, & effective in communication.

$550 p.a.

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Mid-Size Schools (Bands 7-9)

Designed for educators, this course explores the impact of personality on teaching & learning, offering strategies to help maximise student engagement & improve outcomes.

$1100 p.a.

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Large Schools (Bands 10+)

A foundational course designed for educators, where we emphasise the influential role that our personality plays in both teaching & learning, & student engagement & success.

$1650 p.a.

We offer four different membership levels, all offering 12-months access to our online training content, special member offers & priority support.

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