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"Michael engaged over fifty people with a vibrant personality and an amazing insight into personalities and how they influence the way we see the world and respond.”

“Michael’s session was enlightening, life-changing really.”

“Just amazing – I had never really thought about it before, but now I see wombats everywhere!”

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AusIDentities is a colourful, innovative and uniquely Australian alternative to systems such as Myers-Briggs, HBDI and DISC. Using personality profiling to generate awareness of innate differences, we help transform organisations and schools, delivering improved outcomes, reducing conflict, increasing retention and promoting greater mental and emotional well-being, all the way from the boardroom to the classroom.

AusIDentities offers a suite of user-friendly programs to choose from, including Team Building, Leadership, Communication, Reducing Stress, Learning and Teaching Styles to name a few. Self-awareness and mastering the art of ‘how to get along’ both play a major role in promoting a healthy workplace and classroom culture through improved tolerance and acceptance, yet are topics often overlooked.

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We offer training programs to suit all types of organisations, from the boardroom to the classroom.

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Testimonials – What some of our clients have to say about us.

The team’s cohesiveness has increased dramatically, and there is a totally new level of trust and understanding underpinning day-to-day activities. These have all impacted positively on both productivity and team dynamics, resulting in a happier, more aligned and effective team.” – REED Property Group

“Everyone was talking about the presentation. They said it was the most valuable PD they had been to.” – Maree Cansick – Catholic Education

“It goes beyond listening and empathy by having a framework within which to navigate styles of communication and ways of working.” – Christine Parfitt – Ironwater Pty Ltd.

“Successful all round and well worth the invested time and money. Just got the app too, and the stress section matches me exactly! Thanks again!” – Lindsey Cox – Wandspro

“Our session with AusIDentites helped us to understand our own and each other’s strengths and weaknesses and helped us to focus on how to use these to our benefit and support each other.”  – Natalie Dalton, General Manager – Frozen Sunshine