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Communication Masterclass

Full or Half-Day program

  • In-depth understanding of our own C.A.R.D model
  • Get clear about how to get your point across
  • Understand what others are really saying
  • Learn to work with different communication styles

Communication breakdown is one of the single biggest issues facing teams today. This masterclass unpacks communication styles & teaches us how to be more effective in our daily interactions.

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.

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Personalities in the Workplace

One-day program

  • Understand how each of the types approaches work
  • How to best use people’s strengths within an organisation
  • Learn the dynamics of the different interaction styles
  • Improve team moral & well-being

We look at best qualities, core values, as well as strategies for each of the types to develop as professionals within the work place. We also touch briefly on the different communication styles.

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.

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Team Building & Leadership Skills

One or two-day program

  • Recognise the impact your leadership style has on others
  • Learn how to better motivate the different personalities
  • How to lead in a more inclusive & effective way
  • Reduce staff turn-over & improve moral & outcomes 


Team dynamics impacts greatly on an organisations success & workplace culture. Our team-building program can help empower your organisation or workplace to function more effectively.

Sessions are run ‘In-house’ or at your preferred location/venue

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Career & Life Coaching

Single or ongoing sessions

Whether you are making changes in your professional or personal life, it makes sense to have someone alongside you for guidance.

A coach is also about support, as well as providing insights into the way personality plays a part in our major life and work decisions.

A coach shares the journey with you, helping you to reflect upon the past, take stock of the present & then get focused on the future.

Sessions are face to face where possible, or delivered via Zoom.