For Education

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Communication Masterclass

Full or Half-Day Program

  • Learn to communicate using our own C.A.R.D model
  • Learn new strategies for use in the classroom
  • Get clear about how to get your point across
  • Understand what others are really saying

Communication breakdown is one of the single biggest issues facing the workplace today. When you get communication right, you automatically improve your outcomes,  in the classroom and in life.

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.

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Personalities in the Workplace

One-day program

  • Understand how each of the types approaches work
  • How to best use people’s strengths within a school
  • Learn the dynamics of the different interaction styles
  • Improve team moral & well-being

We look at our best qualities, core values and communication styles, as well as strategies for each of the types to develop as professionals, both within the work place & in life in general.

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.

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Personalities in the Classroom

One-day program

  • Identify personalities in the classroom
  • Learn how to build greater rapport
  • Create inclusive learning environments
  • More effective classroom management

Suited to anyone involved in education not just classroom teachers, as the content is just as relevant when working with adults. This is our most popular program for educators, especially when organised as part of the pupil-free days, as it is fun, lively & dynamic.

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.

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Games People Play

Half-Day/Twilight Program

  • A revolutionary new approach to dealing with inappropriate behaviour, both in the classroom & in the broader workplace
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with unwanted behaviour based upon the core needs of the different personalities

‘Games People Play’ is for teachers, trainers, counsellors, guidance officers, facilitators & anyone else who is looking how to understand & deal more effectively with inappropriate behaviour. 

Program can be delivered face to face or via Zoom.