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'Who's Who in the Zoo'

  • Three levels of questions with no right or wrong answers, only your answers to determine your ‘best fit’ type.
  • Information on how the four animal types communicate & interact, both in the classroom & in the workplace.
  • Explanations of how personality influences patterns of behaviour in people when stressed or choosing a career, studying, being a teenager, & even parenting the types.
  • A list of famous people for each of the four animal types, both real and fictional characters.

An easy to use & simple  to understand model of personality that offers the user a broad range of useful insights into human behaviour, delivering clear explanations for why different people tend to behave & interact the way they do.

AusIDentities links personality to the characteristics of some well-known Australian animals, which in turn helps to contextualise your understanding, inviting a more inclusive and harmonious approach to work, life and learning.

The App specifically targets three age groups, each at different developmental stages: 8-12 years, 13-17 years, & 18+.