About the Eagle


In nature, Eagles soar with outstretched wings high above the ground, distant and aloof. Similarly, people with the Eagle personality can also seem distant, preoccupied or detached at times. These individuals take a broad view of the world, experiencing everyday life in an almost scientifically  curious manner. Naturally curious, Eagles also love to learn and explore new ideas and master new skills in pursuit of their interests. They may view personal feelings that interfere with judgment as something of a weakness or worse, incompetence, preferring an objective and logical approach to work and life. Eagles like a teacher or leader who is intelligent, logical and just, and has a well-defined sense of fairness where everyone is treated  according to an agreed set of parameters, and when it comes to performance you want clear outcomes and objectives.

Anything that is not competency or results based will only cause you to question the whole purpose of any test, project or evaluation process in the first place. While outwardly young Eagles may appear emotionally strong and independent, they are often plagued by self-doubt and sometimes hesitate before trying something new, holding themselves back rather than taking the risk of looking foolish in the eyes of others.

As they develop their strengths, which may occasionally require the input of others, their potential to become a leader or visionary thinker, characteristics of the Eagle, grows accordingly. Eagles, known for their independence in decision-making, are often seen as rebellious. However, as people learn more about the traits of the Eagle they come to realise that Eagles are simply on a journey to find the most efficient way to do almost everything.

Eagle 3 1

Although they can appear self-sustaining and emotionally detached from the people around them, Eagles are very sensitive and can easily become devastated by ridicule, especially from their peers or people they respect. While they don’t actively seek conflict, neither will they shy away from it and often enjoy a robust discussion or good debate. They make very good independent learners and can be avid readers who enjoy assignments that let them use their own initiative and intelligence. Driven to excel and become proficient with all tasks, Eagles will strive for excellence and won’t settle for anything less. They will only share their work when they they believe it be of high enough quality, and also when they believe you are worthy of sharing it with in the first place!

At school, the Eagle is the one most likely to be doing their own thing disregarding actual expectations. An expert in their chosen area of interest, at work they like to display extensive knowledge of their chosen subject whist ignoring topics that hold no appeal to them. In business they are drawn to roles requiring superior knowledge, expansive thinking and creative problem solving. They can make excellent leaders, using their formidable organisational ability to motivate others efficiently and expertly, but they have to be careful not to upset people with their sometimes overly pragmatic approach to convention.

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