‘You’ve Got Personality’ by Mary McGuiness


‘You’ve Got Personality’ is written and published in Australia by Mary McGuiness, and is based on data obtained from her clients over 15 years. This book has 44 pages packed with information on the four temperaments, the eight preferences and eight function-attitudes of Carl Jung, type development, stress and the inferior function, and communication styles. There are also two-page descriptions for each of the Myers-Briggs types, including the pattern of type development for each personality type.

“This book is a great accompaniment to the AusIDentities resources, and is a succinct, and yet profound segue into the world of the 16 types of the Myers-Briggs.” – Michael White, AusIDentities

“Each of the type descriptions carries a wealth of material. I believe they will be a great resource for each person who wants to learn more about themselves and those they interact with.” – Margaret Hartzler, PhD