EAGLE: Mastery, Challenge, Independence

Eagle typeIn nature Eagles soar with outstretched wings high above the ground; As people they too can be somewhat distant and often-times detached. They tend to preoccupy themselves with a broader picture of the world and their  place within it. Naturally curious, Eagles love to learn and explore new ideas, master new skills and talents in pursuit of their goals, and be in charge of  things. If someone allows personal feelings to interfere with judgement, Eagles may construe this as incompetence, which is something to be avoided. They  are by nature the most academic of the types and most suited to higher education.

They make very good independent learners and are often avid readers who enjoy assignments that let them use their own initiative and self expression.  Being intellectual and proficient with tasks Eagles and strive for success and won’t settle for less. They will only share their projects when they are sure they have done their best work, and that you are worthy of sharing it with in the first place.

Although they can appear aloof or emotionally detached from those around them, Eagles are often plagued by self doubt and can be devastated by ridicule regarding their abilities. While they don’t actively seek conflict, neither will they shy away from it and often enjoy a good robust discussion or debate.

At school, the Eagle is the one most likely to be doing their own thing, disregarding actual expectations. An expert in their chosen area of interest, they will display extensive knowledge of their subject whist ignoring those subjects which hold no appeal to them. In business, they are drawn to roles requiring superior knowledge, expansive thinking and creative problem solving. They can make excellent leaders, using their formidable organisational ability to motivate others efficiently and expertly, but they have to be careful not to upset others with their sometimes cavalier approach to convention.

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