AusIDentities is on the way to becoming a household name across Australia and is already being used in literally hundreds of schools, business organisations, educational institutions, and by thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life who have attended one of our training programs.

As a leader in education-based personality profiling, AusIDentities takes a bright, colourful and user friendly approach to what is quickly becoming a major topic of conversation among educators  throughout Australia. Dispensing with many of the ‘clunky’ and overly complex theories of other models, AusIDentities demonstrates how you can increase your effectiveness as an educator or as a leader, simply by explaining the way different types interact and communicate.

Teachers get it, chaplains are using it, so are the Salvation Army, Community Groups, TAFE, Universities, the Stronger Smarter Institute and many more, primarily because of the relative ease with which the program can be understood, used and implemented to improve outcomes. So whether you are the principal of a school, or the manager or CEO of a business and are interested in introducing the program to your place of work, simply contact us using the form below and we will get in touch with you usually within 24 hours.

Free Training

In our efforts to reach an even wider audience, AusIDentities is also looking to partner with schools and/or organisations who are prepared to help us organise workshops and seminars, at both a national and international level, for little or no cost to you as the ‘Host Venue’.

If you are prepared to assist in the promotion of one of our workshops to other schools and/or organisations in your region, one of our trained facilitators will deliver any one of our training programs which are then free* to attend for all of your staff, work colleagues and/or friends.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for those interested in accessing the wealth of knowledge and information offered through the AusIDentities programs, and includes our flagship, 2-day accredited ‘Practitioner Training Program**’, but may have some budget constraints.

In addition, we also offer ‘Host Venues’ resource packages of books and posters if the number of paying participants exceeds the minimum numbers required. To discuss the opportunities available to you, and how you can access these free workshops,  simply contact us using the same form below.

(*) Provided we are able to attract a pre-determined minimum number of paying participants.
(**) Our premier training program providing participants with the foundational knowledge required to deliver the AusIDentities program in their own school or place of work.

Contact us about training

“AusIDentities has provided us with an effective tool that is simple to use & can quickly & accurately identify personality types, understand behavioural responses & recognise the learning styles of students… we have been able to select the most appropriate teaching strategies & classroom organisation to maximise student engagement in the learning process. AusIDentities will revolutionise the way teachers view the learner & the way schools respond to student learning needs.”